Process Safety Services

The prime objective of process safety management services is on the prevention of explosions, fires and accidental release of chemicals in facilities where hazardous materials are handled and processed. Aura Safety & Risk Consultants is delivering its Process Safety Management Services for dealing with the hazardous situations which can be very destructive in nature & impacts the plant & nearby population leading to fatalities.

We are supplementing our safety company in different areas to provide efficient services to different clients by providing them a full array of Process safety management services which includes different aspects like Consulting, Auditing, Implementation, Simulations, Consequence Modelling and Training. We are also having our roots of Process Safety Services with a well-trained team of accredited Safety & Risk Professionals.

Industries which handle large quantities of hazardous substances are required to demonstrate their capability to design, locate, operate and maintain facilities to standards acceptable to the Govt. and public.

We provide the best in class services using premium software’s as per scientific methodologies keeping in mind the client requirements & satisfaction. Software used are PHAST & PHAST RISK, PHA-PRO, ALOHA & PIPENET etc. We are serving a diverse range of largest industries of high repute & magnitude in various sectors like Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Chemical, FMCG, Fertilizers & Power sector companies and many more. We are dealing with the following specialized services as below:

  • Process safety management
  • Process safety consulting
  • Process safety training