An Overview

Hydraulic calculations are very important when designing fire protection systems, since they ensure that the piping delivers enough water to extinguish any fire. In particular, automatic sprinkler systems are subject to the NFPA 13 Standard and the equivalent international standard is EN 12845. The hydraulic calculation procedure deals with three very important aspects of a fire suppression system:

  • If a fire occurs, how much water is required to extinguish it?
  • Is the available water supply enough?
  • What is the optimal layout of the piping system, and what friction losses are produced?

Scope of the study – Hydraulic Analysis

  • Methodology, preparation of Hydraulic analysis shall be in line with OISD-STD-117 clause number 4.3.6 (V).
  • The required pressure and flow are to be met as per 01SD STD-116, 214 etc. at the remotest hydrant/deluge system when there is ONE major fire scenario for 04 hours as per OISD-214 (Clause 13.1.1) requirement.
  • Analysis to be carried out for ensuring that the provided sizing is meeting the requirements. Appropriateness of sizing of the fire water network at each node shall be analyzed and mentioned.
  • Consideration for network analysis shall be as per water demand considering OISD-214 for single fire for 04 hours.
  • Preparing piping layout plans, hook up detail etc for any modification suggested after doing the fire water network adequacy analysis.
  • Identification of GAP if any and suggestion strictly as per OISD.

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