Fire Adequacy Study is carried out to identify the Gaps in the existing fire fighting facilities and to recommend the actual requirement of fire fighting facilities. It helps to ensure that the site is fitted with correct fire safety installations as suggested by the fire safety standards & guidelines and that these fire safety installations are properly maintained in an operational condition.

The survey includes checks like:

  1. Availability and adequacy of fire safety systems and installations
  2. Operational test of fire safety installations.
  3. Records of maintenance of fire safety installations
  4. Evacuation instructions were given to employees and residents
  5. Structural aspects of the building

Scope of the study – Fire Adequacy Survey

  • Calculation of water demand requires for the kind of facilities available as per OISD standard.
  • Appropriateness of existing Fire Fighting system (eg. Spray system, Hydrant, Monitor, interspacing between hydrant/monitor, Size of DV etc.)
  • Final water demand considering OISD-214 (Clause 13.1.1) for single major fire for 04 hours.
  • Adequacy check of the fire water Pumps, assess present existing design of network for its adequacy of hazardous area.
  • Fire water demand calculation / design flow rate calculation shall be based on the actual listed Hazardous area in each location and appropriate rate of density of water as per OISD Standard (as per OISD-116).
  • Based on the design flow rate calculation requirement of Fire water pumps capacity for 01 major fire for 04 hours shall be calculated {As per OISD-2014 clause13.1.3}.
  • Adequacy of fire water storage for 01 major fire for 04 hours shall be calculated.
  • Design calculation for all facilities available including a water spray system for LPG Pump shed and Filter/metering area to be provided.
  • Identification of GAP if any and suggestion strictly as per OISD.

After a fire safety survey, a report is prepared where gaps are noted down and specific recommendations are given to correct the same.

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