Harmonics are AC Voltages and Currents with frequencies with integral multiples of the fundamental frequency. Rapid advancement of power electronics in the industrial applications makes industrial load non-linear which generates harmonics. Since the load is non – linear, the current will be distorted and become non – sinusoidal. Harmonics arise from inverters, VFDs, rectifiers, voltage controllers, frequency controllers and other semiconductor switching devices generators, transformers, welders and arc furnaces.

ASRC offers Harmonic Study Analysis as preventive maintenance to safeguard electrical and electronic equipment from damage due to rise in harmonic levels.

Objective of Harmonic Analysis Study:

  • Identification of harmonic sources
  • Protecting the equipments from power related problems
  • Safety against loss and interruptions

Survey Methodology:


  • To prevent Voltage and current harmonics as per IEEE 519:1992 and CEA Regulations
  • To limit Frequency variation
  • To limit Voltage and Current Unbalance
  • To Improve Power Factor Analysis and maintain close to Unity
  • To limit Voltage fluctuations as per NFPA 70B

Advantages of Harmonic Study Analysis:

  • Improved system efficiency
  • Suppress the magnitude/frequency of power variations
  • Add solution to mitigate the power quality problems
  • Safety measures against harmonics
  • Decrease the liability of failure of electrical equipments
  • Avoids line loading and losses


  • Bureau of Energy Efficiency Certified Auditor
  • Engineers undergo Power Quality Training organised by Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI).
  • Interpretation of results based on international guidelines/good engineering practices.
  • Rich experience in carrying out the study for industries, manufacturing units and also service sector
  • Use of KRYKARD Energy and Power Quality Analyser.

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