Electrical Safety Audit in India

The comprehensive Electrical Safety Audit is a methodical way to identify potentially hazardous electrical situations and to prescribe corrective actions for development, compliance with NFPA ® 70E and 70B, Indian Electricity Rules, Central Electricity Authority, OSHA, electrical safety work processes, maintenance tools, and to identify potential costs savings and inefficiencies through modification of electrical systems.

It is utilized to determine a site’s electrical safety behaviour. It provides guidance to help companies establish a practical safe working area for employees who are exposed to electrical hazards arising from the use of electricity in activities such as installation, maintenance, and uninstallation of equipment. This audit is an opportunity to assess the company’s status in regards to adherence to specific electrical safety regulations, Indian Electricity Rules, Central Electricity Authority NFPA ® 70E and 70B, OSHA, electrical safety work processes and electrical best practice behaviours.

Typical Scope of the study – Electrical Safety Audit

  • Verification of compliance as per requirements of IEC 60204, NFPA, Indian Electricity Rules & Central Electricity Act.
  • Physical inspection of the plant with reference to applicable Indian Standards, Indian Electrical Rules and other relevant codes of practice and identifying hazards (shock, fires etc.,)
  • Inspection of the electrical equipments, Machinery and components of a system safe installation, adequacy for normal load and fault levels, safety for normal operation;
  • Review of the importance given to electrical safety in the company safety policy, safety committee, continuous electrical risk identification, etc.
  • Review of protection devices/system of the electrical installation.
  • Review of adequacy of cables, motors, etc. Based on actual load current measurements and cable current carrying capacities.
  • Review of electrical incidents to identify root cause of the incidents.
  • Review the EPM (Electrical Preventive Maintenance) program in the premises & to examine documentation, checklist, etc.
  • Review of earthing system (installation and maintenance aspects), including sample Earth Resistance tests
  • Survey of electrical mischances and close misses in the plant to distinguish the underlying drivers.
  • Identification of hot-spots in electrical installation using thermal cameras.
  • Review of static electricity hazards in the Electrical System/Installation operations as per IS 7689;
  • Audit of electrical systems & techniques (work permits, interlocks, lockout labels).
  • Evaluating the honesty of protection of links via doing protection resistance tests on a specimen premise.
  • Audit of Personal Protective Equipment for electrical works.
  • Supply main incomer Cable insulation testing shall be done on sample basis;
  • Testing: Panel wise detailed compliance; RCCB trip testing

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