The objective of the Fire Risk Assessment is to produce a flexible, dynamic system that establishes and maintains fire safety in a premises and its vicinity. Every premise generates hazards and risks, and to ensure the safety of all persons who visit the premises, the ‘responsible person’ must:

- Identify hazards and people at risk

Ensuring that all occupants are alerted and can leave the premises safely in the event of a fire

- Remove or reduce hazards

Reducing the probability of a fire starting

- Manage the remaining risks to acceptable levels

By limiting the effects should a fire occur

Scope of Fire Risk Assessment:

  • Identifying potential fire / explosion hazards / risks in the process and storage areas of the premises and suggesting appropriate preventive measures
  • Reviewing the existing fire protection systems and suggest modifications wherever necessary as per applicable national and international standards
  • Identify deviations with respect to fire safety procedures and suggest action plan to correct deviations
  • Advising further scope on compliance with statutory requirements related to fire safety & explosions
  • Providing guidelines for preparation of fire emergency and formation of team for fire fighting, first aid, rescue teams and allocating specific responsibilities
  • Reviewing the existing On-site emergency plans with respect to Fire risk wherever such plans are available.

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